Feature rich

The features included in Ambur are collected from our team's decades of restaurant experience, and input from those who use it every day. From full service restaurants and cafés, to food trucks and wine bars, Ambur is the perfect fit for any food service business.                              


No monthly fees

Ambur is the most affordable and complete point of sale on the App Store. A one-time fee gives you license to a full point of sale, for unlimited devices, independent of the cloud. Updates are free, and we provide free email and phone support. Save your money where it matters – your business.



We're a team of former restaurant employees, and we know how painful a point of sale that you can't get help with can be. Support is our highest priority, and our clients have access to a priority feature request form. If you tell us about your need, you'll see it met in an update. All for free!



"We have been using this app since January 2013 and have been very pleased. It is a great affordable POS option for independent restaurants. No ongoing service contracts or monthly fees. We are take-out and delivery and the customer database works great for maintaining customer information. During peak times we can connect an additional iPad and additional iPhones. The program is completely customizable to meet specific needs and very user friendly."

"We own and operate 3 full service restaurants with this app! We use it for take out, dine in, call in & delivery! It gives the owner all the reports you need to visualize store sales, item popularity, payroll reports and is great for keeping track of your customer's previous orders! It can function even when your internet connection is down which is a major reason why we use Ambur."

"I purchased Ambur for my 40 seat restaurant/bar and am so happy I did. The application is very easy to use, program & maintain during service. I was able to adapt the entire application to my floor plan and menu in a few hours. The reporting has made my server closing paperwork effortless. It is also great to be able to email all reports for accounting and tracking."

"Training someone using Ambur is very simple, which in turn saves time and money. There are no hidden fees. You pay one time and the updates are free. This is the only company that I know of that actually listens to the user end. If an update is needed, they will fix it. A great feature is that they use Dropbox to back up your information. Customer service is very important to me and they are very helpful and kind. Any business always wants to find ways to save money and time. This is the best solution for me and I'm sure many users feel the same way."