Ambur EMV Liability Promise

Terms and Conditions

Updated March 30, 2017

Merchant Qualification

All Ambur merchants that subscribe for Ambur point of sale and ShopKeep Payments services and are in good standing at the time of the EMV related liability shift chargeback in question.

Duration of the Liability Shift Protection Offer

Ambur’s EMV related liability shift protection is in place for eligible EMV related charged back transactions that occur on or after October 1, 2015 for Ambur merchants that subscribe for Ambur point of sale services and utilize ShopKeep Payments processing services and are presented to Ambur before June 30, 2017 (which date may be extended by Ambur in Ambur’s sole discretion) for Ambur merchants that meet Ambur’s Merchant Qualification.

Types of Transactions that May Qualify

EMV related chargeback transactions that were processed using a chip enabled card that contained counterfeit magstripe that was swiped to process the transaction, and a signature was captured by the merchant in connection with processing the transaction.

Types of Transactions that Do Not Qualify

Other non-EMV related liability shift chargeback transactions, including those charged by an Ambur merchant’s customers and charged back in connection with a failure to perform services, delivery of defective products, credit cards that have been stolen, card-not–present transactions or for lack of authorization, do not qualify.

Process Requirements to Request Protection

A merchant must contest their liability for the EMV related chargeback transaction with their processor within the time period and on the terms required by their processor and in accordance with the requirements set by their processor. If the merchant does not prevail on the appeal and the processor concludes that the merchant should remain liable for the chargeback solely due to the EMV related liability shift, and the merchant believes that the chargeback may qualify for Ambur’s EMV Liability Shift Protection, then the merchant must submit the notice that it received from its processor and all materials related to the appeal to Ambur. Ambur will notify the merchant if additional information is required. If Ambur determines that the merchant’s chargeback is covered by Ambur’s EMV Liability Shift Protection, Ambur will refund the amount of the EMV related transaction that was charged back.

Amount Covered

A maximum total of up to $500 of Ambur approved EMV related chargebacks for each Ambur merchant will be eligible for refund by Ambur. In no event will any Ambur merchant be eligible for more than a total of $500 for all EMV related chargebacks incurred by any Ambur merchant pursuant to Ambur's EMV Liability Promise.


Ambur reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time in Ambur’s sole discretion.