A packed house needs a feature-packed POS

Ambur point of sale gives your business the tools it needs to run like clockwork

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The modern bar and restaurant POS system

From taking orders, to keeping your business in order, Ambur makes life easier.

  • Front of House

    Ambur’s reliable system keeps the orders coming out, and the dollars rolling in.

  • Behind the Scenes

    Ambur’s business management tools save you hours, and keep your sanity intact.

  • Peace of Mind

    Ambur’s secure system keeps your data and your customer’s payment info safe.

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When you’re at your busiest, Ambur is at its best

The restaurant POS used to be a running joke among servers. Not anymore.

  • Turn & Burn

    Take detailed orders in seconds and send them straight to the kitchen.

  • 'Can We Split It?'

    Split checks and offer payment methods to suit your awesome customers.

  • 'To Stay or To Go?

    Assign order types, then save customer info to speed things up next time.

  • Easy Bookings

    Ambur even manages reservations and remembers your regulars' details.

  • No 'Awkward' Orders

    However ‘unique’ the order, you can modify it with just takes a few taps.

  • Table Layout

    Customize Ambur to mimic your bar or restaurant layout for zero confusion.

Never miss a beat with Ambur’s meticulous reporting

  • Live Sales

    See all of your restaurant’s sales in real time within Ambur’s Back Office.

  • Rush Hour

    Know when extra staff will be needed based on your business’ peak times.

  • Top Servers

    Which staff members are making you the most money? Ambur will tell you.

  • Top Items & Modifiers

    Keep fine-tuning your items to create the most profitable menu possible.

  • Sales History

    Track your sales history in detail to see, understand, and capitalize on trends.

Manage your entire business from your POS

Ambur simplifies 'the business side' of running your bar or restaurant efficiently.

  • Permissions

    Organize staff into different groups based on what you want them to see or do.

  • Painless Payroll

    Ambur can automatically calculate your payroll based on staff's time-clock info.

  • Detailed Reports

    Ambur shows you your business’ entire picture in real time, and in granular detail.

  • Up-To-Date Menu

    Add, edit, or 86 menu items right from your iPad. Categorize them for extra speed.

Your business is safe with Ambur’s secure system

You can’t mess around when it comes to business security. so we didn’t.

  • Processing

    Ambur will work with whatever payment processor you choose to go with.

  • PCI Compliant

    By using Ambur, your business is automatically PCI compliant. Sweet deal!

  • Run Without Wifi

    Ambur stores data locally so you can keep things moving if the internet drops.

  • Secure Backup

    Your data is safe. If anything happens to your iPad, a backup is just a click away.

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