Ambur Features

The features included in Ambur enable awesome customer
service, plus a new and easy way to run your business.

All in one app.

Front End

When your employees' jobs are easier,
your business runs better. The Front End
features included in Ambur facilitate a
seamless dining experience, both for
your employees and for the customer.

Business Management

We understand every restaurant, bar, or cafe has their
own needs. That's why Ambur is more customizable
to better fit your business.

Security & Processing


Decide who has access to certain functions of your
Ambur system. Limit or expand access to sensitive
information, controlled with assigned passwords for
each employee.

Credit Card Processing

Frustration-free processing makes your business run
smoother along with reliable card swipers and low
rates. Ambur never stores raw magnetic stripe, card
validation code, or PIN block data.

PCI Compliant

Swipe every card knowing sensitive information is
secure. Ambur meets PCI compliance
requirements, automatically making your business
PCI compliant as well.

Local Data Storage

Because data is stored locally on your iOS device, you
can run even with no internet. User Group Permissions
keep the data secure from employees, and you can run
reports anytime right form your iPad.

Dropbox Backup

Never fear data loss, even if something happens to
your iPad. Dropbox is a file hosting service that
automatically backs up your important information to
a private, secure online server that only you can
access. Access it anywhere, anytime.