A Comprehensive Point of Sale System


Front End

Taking orders and processing payments should be simple, precise, and quick. The front end features included in Ambur facilitate a seamless dining experience for your customer, while making your employees' jobs less stressful and allowing them to focus on the quality of their service. 


Business Management

The management support in Ambur is unparalleled. Manage individual permissions, keep your data safe and available, and run reports right from the app to get a clear picture of your business. The ability to customize your point of sale to meet your needs
is invaluable.  Call 888-268-0122 to learn more!


Security & Processing

Now more than ever, keeping your data safe is essential. Ambur stores data locally with the addition of opt-in Dropbox backup. Integrated support features, fair processing rates, and maintaining PCI compliance help secure a sound mind when dealing with sensitive information.

Front End Features

Everything you need to keep service running smoothly



Save time and avoid confusion with seamless order taking. You can see your order, add items and modifiers, and take payments all from a single screen. Take and send orders right from the table to save time.



Take the frustration out of splitting checks and processing credit cards. You can easily customize payment methods to what works best for you and your customers.


Delivery & Take-Out

Assign order types and relevant customer information to any order for quicker turn-around. Print addresses on delivery tickets for a streamlined transaction.

Customers & Reservations

Create a more memorable and organized experience with automatically generated customer profiles and a powerful reservation system.


A modifier is a set of options that applies to menu items. Use them to make sure your orders come in quickly and correctly, and your employees can enter custom ones for specific customer needs.


Table Layout

The interface is customizable from your iPad to match your restaurant's layout, keeping your staff more coordinated. Tables highlight by user with head count displayed below.

Management Features

User Groups

Organize staff, permissions, and payroll by creating User Groups for employees with different responsibilities.

Order Tickets

Print orders to the appropriate kitchen printer, and customer receipts to the register. Right from your iPad.


Simply define pay rates and taxes, and Ambur will automatically calculate employee payroll from clock-in/clock-out data.



Ambur's most valuable functions. Understand your business better with data on all aspects. View, email, or export to CSV.

Menu Items

Add, edit, or delete menu items right on your iPad at anytime. Organize them into categories for faster ordering.

Wireless Sending

Use any thermal impact printer to wirelessly print to any location - no more wasted time running back and forth.

Security & Processing Features



Decide who has access to certain functions of your Ambur system. Limit or expand access to sensitive information, controlled with assigned passwords for
each employee.

Credit Card Processing

Frustration-free processing makes your business run smoother along with reliable card swipers and low rates. Ambur never stores raw magnetic stripe, card validation code, or PIN block data.

PCI Compliant

Swipe every card knowing sensitive information is secure. Ambur meets PCI compliance requirements, automatically making your business PCI compliant as well.

Local Data Storage

Because data is stored locally on your iOS device, you can run even with no internet. User Group Permissions keep the data secure from employees, and you can run reports anytime right form your iPad.

Dropbox Backup

Never fear data loss, even if something happens to your iPad. Dropbox is a file hosting service that automatically backs up your important information to
a private, secure online server that only you can access. Access it anywhere, anytime.

Flexible Processing

Choose the processor that works best for you, or keep your existing one if you do not want to switch. We will help you get the best rates while expediting your setup process, ensuring your system is up and running as soon as possible.

Other valuable features


  • Employee Summary
  • Totals by Payment Type
  • Totals by User
  • Tips
  • Voids
  • Discounts & Fees
  • Item Sales
  • Reservations
  • Payroll
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Item Inventory
  • Cost Analysis
  • Credit Payments
  • Export Reports to CSV
  • Send Reports via email or text


  • Discounts & Fees
  • Status Messages
  • Customizable Receipts
  • Merge & Split Orders
  • Display Prices on Item Picker
  • Item Descriptions
  • Customizable Order Display


  • 64-bit Performance
  • Landscape & Portrait Display Modes
  • Use on multiple iOS Devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
  • Compatible with iDynamo Card Readers
  • iOS 9 Compatible
  • Frequent Free App Updates

...and much more