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A Complete iPad Point of Sale. Ambur is a complete point of sale (POS) system without all the extra baggage. We'll be your righthand man throughout the setup process. After a couple weeks, you'll feel like a master. Free support for life!
Powerful Yet Easy to Use. Our job is to make the point of sale experience as enjoyable as possible. Call us before your purchase and we'll make sure you order everything you need. With free updates, you always have an update to date POS system.
Understand Your Business. Ambur allows you detailed reports that you need to understand your business. Customize them as much as you like to get any information you need.
Save All Your Sales Data. All your data is stored right on the iPad. There's no need to erase orders to make space, you can check yesterday's inventory or run a sales report for last year, right from the iPad.
View, Print or Share Reports. Every report can be viewed on the iPad POS terminal, printed from any receipt printer or emailed, all with just a few taps.
Export Reports as CSV Files. CSV reports can be opened directly in Excel, Numbers or any other spreadsheet editor making it easy to get even more information from Ambur.

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Ambur point of sale on iPad
Input Your Menu Easily.  Inputting your menu in Ambur is easy. Organize items in categories, apply unique tax rates to items and attach modifiers, all from any Apple touch device.
Control What Employees Can Do.  With Ambur you can control exactly what each employee does. Set the permissions for each user once and you don't have to worry about changing them.
Customizable to Your Needs.  Customize your receipts, your layout, payment options and much more - from any device. We know your needs are unique and we want to meet them all.
Accept Cards On Any Device. Process credit card payments on an iPad, iPad mini, iPod or an iPhone. Compatible card readers can be purchased from out online shop.
PCI Compliant. Ambur is a PCI compliant iPad POS solution, with all card data being encrypted by the reader. Transactions are routed to your processor via a secure gateway. Fees for gateway vary by processor.
Ambur works with all major credit card processors.
Can't find your processor on our list? Contact us and we'll let you know if we're compatible!

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Loyalty Point of Sale
Remember Your Customers. Store your customer's contact information and keep track of who's coming in and what they are ordering. Easily search through customers, attach loyalty discounts or send them coupons.
Reservation System. Recording restaurant reservations has never been easier. Store all the information about each reservation in one place and print out a report before the beginning of the shift.
POS Reservation System
Cloud POS
Dropbox Backup. A direct integration with Dropbox automatically backs up all your data every hour, which can then be retrieved from any iOS device with a few taps. Even better, it doesn't cost you a dime!

Ambur has allowed us to offer an efficient and fun table service to every customer. With printers in the bar, in the back bar for hot drinks and desserts and in the kitchen, the waiters are free to spend more time with the customer, exactly what they should be doing.

The Waterfront Inn

We save footsteps by not having to go to the kitchen. The cook doesn't have to try to read bad handwriting and NO wait time with credit cards! The servers can deal with several tables at a time without having to run to get food started.


I believe that Point of Sale on an iPad will become standard. It costs less than traditional POS systems and the low maintenance is a plus. In the long run, you save so much money.

Sonoma Coffee Cafe

We are using the iPods and iPads out on our patio this summer, the wireless process will save a lot of time for our waitresses as we can have drinks and appetizers prepared quicker. Ambur is just an all around great POS app and a great cost value.

Whiskey Warehouse

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