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Once you purchase the Ambur license and necessary hardware, you will be ready in no time with free support to guide you.



We will help customize your Ambur system and set up credit card processing so you can be open for business as soon as possible.


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Everything you need to get started

We carry all the hardware you'll need to have the best running establishment possible. Our team of knowledgable account representatives can help you decide which pieces are essential for your specific business. After which, we'll help you through the setup process step-by-step.

Credit Card Processing



Our partnership with Direct Connect allows for special "meet or beat" processing with no monthly gateway fees.

Please contact a sales rep at 1.888.770.2205 or to discuss integrated credit card processing.

Ambur Services

In addition to the point of sale software, Ambur also provides a number of essential restaurant services. For more information, click the button below or contact us at or 888.770.2205 (US & Canada toll-free).

  • Ambur Anywhere
    Stay connected to your restaurant even when you can't be there. This remote access feature allows you to use Ambur just as you would at work, and works equally as well on delivery for directions and taking payments.
  • Menu Design
    For new restaurants or existing ones that want a fresh look, we can design, print, and ship new menus that reflect your brand at an affordable rate.