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Ambur is the modern profit-growing POS system built to help businesses just like yours succeed.

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Increase your restaurant’s efficiency instantly

Increase your restaurant’s efficiency instantly. Since Ambur POS was built by restaurateurs, everything you need to run a better operation comes standard.

  • Turn & Burn

    Take detailed orders in seconds and send them straight to the kitchen.

  • 'Can We Split It?'

    Split checks and offer payment methods to suit your awesome customers.

  • 'To Stay or To Go?

    Assign order types, then save customer info to speed things up next time.

  • Easy Bookings

    Ambur even manages reservations and remembers your regulars' details.

  • No 'Awkward' Orders

    However ‘unique’ the order, you can modify it with just takes a few taps.

  • Table Layout

    Customize Ambur to mimic your bar or restaurant layout for zero confusion.

Managing your dream business just got easier

From front of house to your back office, Ambur will speed up and improve how you work.

  • Happy Bosses

    Track sales, shifts, payroll, and customer data from anywhere. User permissions allow you to control who can do what.

  • Happy Customers

    Streamline the entire process from ‘Welcome!’ to ‘Have a great night!’ with Ambur’s powerful front of house features.

  • Happy Servers

    Your staff will love how intuitive Ambur is, and the fact they can even take customers’ orders tableside on their iPhones.

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"Going from a traditional till to Ambur was like going from a Volkswagen to a Ferrari. I would recommend Ambur to anyone looking for a quality POS system and a reasonable price."

- John Mueller, Paragon Bowl

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