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"Training someone using Ambur is very simple, which in turn saves time and money. There are no hidden fees. This is the only company that I know of that actually listens to the user end. If an update is needed, they will fix it. A great feature is that they use Dropbox to back up your information. Customer service is very important to me and they are very helpful and kind. Any business always wants to find ways to save money and time. This is the best solution for me and I'm sure many users feel the same way."

- Sonoma Coffee Cafe

"I purchased Ambur for my 40 seat restaurant/bar and am so happy I did. The application is very easy to use, program & maintain during service. I was able to adapt the entire application to my floor plan and menu in a few hours. The reporting has made my server closing paperwork effortless. It is also great to be able to email all reports for accounting and tracking."

- Chef Stas

"We own and operate 3 full service restaurants with this app! We use it for take out, dine in, call in & delivery! It gives the owner all the reports you need to visualize store sales, item popularity, payroll reports and is great for keeping track of your customer's previous orders! It can function even when your internet connection is down which is a major reason why we chose Ambur."

- Bamboo Take Out

"We have been using this app since January 2013 and have been very pleased. It is a great affordable POS option for independent restaurants. We are take-out and delivery and the customer database works great for maintaining customer information. During peak times we can connect an additional iPad and additional iPhones. The program is completely customizable to meet specific needs and very user friendly."

- Pizza Girl

"We operate a popular food truck in Boston, The Dining Car. Ambur helped record our very first sale two years ago and every sale since. It is an extraordinarily helpful tool. We did exhaustive research into POS systems before the launch of our business. Many people recommended old school restaurant solutions such as Micros. I figured that in addition to the much higher cost, a food truck is a terrible environment for traditional computer hardware - it's too delicate and often takes up too much space. We liked having control of our own data and we liked the freedom that the iPad offered as a hardware platform. We chose Ambur. Ambur is comprehensive and elegant."

- The Dining Car

Online Reviews

"Many Ambur clients mentioned how easy it was to setup their restaurant menu, even for people who wouldn’t define themselves as tech savvy. It’s easy to update and revise menu items and assemble the wireless network between mobile devices and printers. Several clients reported a smooth transition as they went live with Ambur. It only requires one shift to teach a new employee how to use the software."

"For the restaurant, bar, cafe or any food service establishment looking for an easy-to-use, flexible and affordable Point of Sale system, Ambur provides cutting edge technology that is accessible. Ideal for single store locations, Ambur is a full-featured POS system that offers powerhouse functionality that is intuitive and integrates easily with existing POS hardware like printers, cash drawers and buzzers. It also comes with integrated credit card processing, a must-have in today's food service industry. We also like the wireless functionality available with Ambur. An unlimited amount of devices can speak to each other at each location without an internet connection or additional hardware purchase."

"Everything on Ambur is accessible directly through the POS platform, without any need for separate back office applications. This is certainly convenient for merchants tracking their activity in real time. The sheer breadth of options available is as impressive as it is exhaustive. Seemingly the tiniest details can be adjusted to meet any desired setup. Any changes made to the system are also immediately reflected across the network. Whether using a table grid or a simple list for order tracking, every tablet is capable of viewing activity; if someone is unavailable, any other server can jump in and check the status on an order."

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